Hideous (2019) short film review

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A woman’s day takes a turn for the worst when a mysterious-yet-eloquent man appears in her florist shop. We review Hamish Robertson’s short film Hideous.

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Scottish thrillers are unfortunately few and far between. Jonathan Glazer gave us Under the Skin over half a decade ago, but the lack of these genre movies from Scotland is quite surprising, seeing as the country is home to some remarkable talents. Luckily, Hamish Robertson has broken the trend with a smart and well-made short film entitled Hideous.

Marla (Zoe Bullock) is having an ordinary morning in her flower shop, waiting for her husband Pete to arrive. The day takes a rather startling turn though, in the form of a suited man (Craig Andrew Mooney) who proceeds in telling Marla that he needs to pick out some flowers for a funeral. Marla, trying to be as polite and helpful as possible, questions her new customer regarding his relationship with the newly deceased. To which he replies that he didn’t know the man well and that the deceased is actually her husband, of which he has just murdered.

Hideous is a well-written and performed little thriller. Screenwriter Jim Rennie has managed to create a clever, and somewhat dark story that is filled with good dialogue and a killer twist. I must admit, I did not see the ending coming and it really did take me by surprise. Looking back, it did remind me of a certain David Fincher thriller to a degree (I won’t divulge the title, so not to spoil) but that is certainly no bad thing. Hideous (2019) short film review

Hamish Robertson impresses with his directorial duties and he makes the short film look like it had a much larger budget then it probably did. I do feel that, with the source material being so dark, the film should have been shot in a rather grimy, urban manner, but that could just come down to personal preference.

With a runtime just over fifteen minutes in length, Hideous should and will be enjoyed at whichever festivals it plays at over the next twelve months and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear of it picking up some awards along the way. You should definitely give it a watch should you be given the chance. You won’t be disappointed.

Let’s hope Hideous starts a trend and we get to see more Scottish thrillers in the very near future. If it has Hamish Robertson’s name on it, then count us sold.

4 / 5 stars     

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