Funeral (2019) short film review

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Four siblings come together to celebrate the life of their brother at his wake, where alcohol is drunk and some home truths are shared in the short film Funeral. Check out our review.


We always appreciate well performed and well written independent films. We know the struggle is real when it comes to creating without the backing of investors. When there is no money to pay for locations, props, effects, and sometimes even catering. With these handicaps, filmmakers are forced to get really inventive with little at their disposal. Director Marie Vandelannoote has managed to create something really interesting with just one room, four actors and a casket.

The suicide of their brother reunites four siblings at his wake. In order to not make the time together morbid, they break out the alcohol and laugh as they share past stories. As is often the case though, their time takes a serious turn as one sister confesses to turning her back on her recently deceased brother the day before his death, apparently ignoring his calls due to being tired of helping him through previous troubles. This, in turn, causes an argument and some hard-hitting truths are unleashed.

Funeral (of Funerailles as it is called in its native French language) is a superbly performed piece by its four actors, Anne-Helene Orvelin, Anne-Laure Gruet, Stefen Eynius, and Damien Boisseau. Though sometimes it felt a little like a filmed stage piece, it works very well.

POSTER_USMarie Vandelannoote directs with skill and, even though the film is set mostly at a small table in front of a casket, she keeps the audience interested with en pointe dialogue and a roaming camera, that flitters between the characters as they deliver their lines.

I truly enjoyed Funeral. It is a true testament of independent film making and it really does go to show that you do not need a lot of money to make a good short film, you just need hard work and skill, and Funeral has it all in abundance.

4.5 / 5 stars     

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