Famous Faces we could see in Peaky Blinders Series 6

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Peaky Blinders has enjoyed a stellar run of five seasons to this point, and the fan base for the BBC show is only increasing. The show has gained cult-like status from fans around the world, with the trademark flat cap now a common fashion statement.

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That led to David Beckham collaborating with the show, and there has also been a Peaky Blinders Festival.

However, it isn’t just common people that have become invested with the show, as many famous faces from around the world have also admitted their love for the Birmingham gang. That has led to multiple rumours that there could be set to be a number of high-quality cameos in store for season six. But, who could we see joining Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy and the rest of the stellar cast for the hotly anticipated next outing?


Morgan Freeman

 Famous Faces we could see in Peaky Blinders Series 6If fans are looking for an A-lister to join the show, then Morgan Freeman could be the man at the front of that cue. He has been speaking glowingly about the show for a number of years now and has already confessed his love for British television. There have been multiple theories that the show could be including more American talent in the next season, and that could open the door for Freeman. His wealth of experience would undoubtedly be a welcome addition, and seeing him come face to face with Tommy Shelby could be up there as one of the best British television moments ever.


Stephen Graham

It would seem that Stephen Graham can do no wrong. Every film or television show that he has been involved in has been a hit throughout his career. He recently starred in The Irishman alongside Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci and Al Pacino, and has been a common sight on British television with over ten million viewers tuning in throughout the season he was in Line Of Duty. Graham is no stranger to mafia television seasons after playing Al Capone in Broadwalk Empire, and fans are hoping that we could soon see him portraying the Mafia legend in Peaky Blinders. Steven Knight has already admitted that he would like to bring Graham on board, but whether that will be to play Capone is unlikely.

 Famous Faces we could see in Peaky Blinders Series 6

Julia Roberts

One of the best things about Peaky Blinders is how it manages to portray strong women. Ada Thorn and Aunt Polly are the backbones that have held the gang together through all the turbulent times, and there could be another influential woman about to make an appearance in the show if the reports are to be believed. Pretty Woman actress Julia Roberts has spoken about her desire to be involved in the BBC show, and Cillian Murphy has welcomed the rumours. He admitted that she would be a welcome addition to the cast. It isn’t known yet whether there is any truth in the rumours, but fans will be hoping for an iconic role for the timeless actress.julia roberts 157x300 Famous Faces we could see in Peaky Blinders Series 6

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