All Hallows Eve (2013) review

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Sarah finds herself babysitting on Halloween night in the low-budget horror anthology film All Hallows Eve. Check out the review here.

After a night of trick or treating, babysitter Sarah and the two kids sit down in front of the television to watch Night of the Living Dead. The boy empties his bag of candy onto the floor and out of the bag also come a VHS tape with no labels. As expected, Sarah puts the tape into the VCR and on comes a series of short horror films featuring a clown called Art. all hallows eve 202x300 All Hallows Eve (2013) review

The first short shows Art kidnap a young lady and take her to some underground dungeon where there is a monster that looks like the Toxic Avenger and some Satanist/monster type characters. The second short has a woman being chased by an alien robot that looks like a Dr Who character. The third, and best short, has Art chasing a woman around town in order to brutally murder her.

Once the films are over, Art starts to become a reality for Sarah and her life is soon at risk inside her friend’s home.

All Hallows Eve is a cheap and cheesy horror film. The acting for the most part is awful, the effects are terrible and for a scary movie, it just isn’t scary……at all.

Don’t get me wrong though, the movie does get some things right. It wants to look like an 80’s horror film and it does. The score is certainly something you would hear in an 80’s slasher and it took me back 30 years. The character of Art is decent, a clown who doesn’t talk and plays rubbish pranks was a nice touch. Also, the ending was good too.

All Hallows Eve takes the formula of V/H/S and The Ring and combines them on a meagre budget. Horror die-hards may like this as a bit of cheesy fun, but the rest of the world will most likely turn off within 15 minutes. Whilst I am a horror fan, I found it a little too cheesy.

1 / 5 stars     

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