Wonder Woman (2013) short film review

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Today Screen Critix will be doing a Wonder Woman short film review.

wonder woman short film Wonder Woman (2013) short film review

Be sure to check out the Wonder Woman Short Film.

Rainfall Films know what they are doing. The buzz from the “Wonder Woman” label has generated 1 million views on Youtube within 24 hours of the videos launch. Is that deserved? Let’s have a talk about it.

What did I like about the video?

The image quality, colours and shots were great. There is no doubting that this short film was well shot.

The Wonder Woman costume surprised me. Like with Superman, I believed that the outfit would never really work (still think Superman looks stupid), but the Wonder Woman outfit worked and didn’t look bad. Sorry Superman, I try hard to like you but it isn’t easy ….

What did I not like?

The combat was rubbish. When I see combat mechanics that look ‘silly’ it takes away from the film. You have to remember these adaptions of Comic Books want to be taken seriously. Action is a huge part of the appeal.

As someone who doesn’t follow comic books (Hey Carl, did you get what was going on? Breaking the fourth wall here) I didn’t follow the relevance of a monster that got owned by a tooth pick (to the monster it was the size of a tooth pick anyway!).

Overall Opinion:

My overall feeling is that this was glorified test footage. They did however do a great job of presenting that test footage. Let’s see how the internets react to this and if DC gets on the phone. That was the aim right?

3 / 5 stars     

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