Whiplash review (2014)

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Miles Teller attempts to become the best drummer he can be, but he has trouble with his mentor and his unorthodox ways in the film Whiplash. Review after the jump.

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Highly touted for the award season, Whiplash tells the story of a drumming hopeful called Andrew (Teller) who is enrolled at a prestigious New York music school. His aim is to make it to the top and claim a spot in the studio band, under the tutelage of Fletcher (J.K Simmons).

Andrew is very competitive and puts aside all potential distractions, including his beautiful girlfriend, in order to practise. He simply wants to be known as one of the greatest drummers ever and looks to Charlie Parker, Miles Davis and more for inspiration.

His problem lies with Fletcher – a bullying perfectionist who has no issue with making his musicians break down in tears to get the quality he expects. This rubs off on Andrew and the two clash.

whiplash poster Whiplash review (2014)Whiplash is comparable to that of the Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis starrer Black Swan, but with a music band in place of the ballet. Like Black Swan, Whiplash is fantastically made with some incredible performances, especially from Miles Teller and J.K. Simmons – both of who are powerhouses in their roles. It was also great to see Paul Reiser on our screens again in a lengthier role, the man who is mostly known for Aliens and the TV show My Two Dads really does deserve more acting jobs.

Whiplash is deserving of all its acclaim to date and could pick up some big awards in the next few months. Watch it, but make sure you keep up with the right tempo. C’mon, double time.

5 / 5 stars     

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