THOR 3 is a distinct possibility

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Marvel head Kevin Feige has stated that a Thor 3 movie is a distinct possibility and also comments on chances of a Loki movie being made.

Thor: The Dark World is to open up in the cinemas this week and seems to be gaining great scores and reviews from the critics. Whilst promoting the film, Kevin Feige answered questions on the possibility of Thor having a third film. thor THOR 3 is a distinct possibility

Thor’s next adventure will be ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’,” he explained. “But there are things you will see at the end of ['The Dark World'] that certainly hint towards and could lead towards a third Thor adventure. We definitely have a story we’d like to tell.

We don’t build any of the movies to be a trilogy; we work on one movie at a time. But what’s interesting about ‘The Dark [World],’ is it is a completion of a trilogy already if you look at the first ‘Thor,’ ‘Avengers’ and then ‘The Dark [World]‘ – particularly for the character Loki. You will see a very sort of cohesive arc for that character.

According to Feige, if a Loki movie does come into fruition, it won’t happen before Thor 3, if there is one. This comes after thousands of fans signed a petition for Tom Hiddleston’s character to have a movie all to himself.

Thor: The Dark World comes out this week and will then be followed by Captain America: The Winter Soldier (May), Guardians of the Galaxy (July) and The Avengers: Age of Ultron (May 2015).

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