This is the End (2013) – review

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Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill, Rihanna, Emma Watson and other celebs attend a house warming party held by James Franco, of which is interrupted by the apocalypse. Check out the review here.

Seth Rogan welcomes Jay Baruchel back to Los Angeles and a night-in with beer, marijuana, video games and 3d television, but it soon turns into a night of debauchery at James Franco’s house with a party full of celebrities. The party is cut short though when all hell breaks loose and half the party attendees die in horrific ways. Thus leaving just Rogan, Franco, Baruchel, Jonah Hill and Craig Robertson to try and survive the horrors of the outside world. This Is The End Poster 202x300 This is the End (2013)   review

This is the End does an excellent job of letting the main stars play a caricature of themselves – Jonah Hill is an overly nice back-stabber, Emma Watson plays a version of herself who can and will cut someone up with an axe in order to defend herself and Michael Cera is a coke-addicted idiot. The latter be most satisfying and ironic, as Michael Cera has played Michael Cera in every movie he has done except this, when he actually is supposed to play Michael Cera.

Whilst the film does have some laughs, it fails with the over usage of infantile penis jokes throughout. The film also has its fair share of small montages. Montage for when the guys have taken ecstasy, montage for when they have made their own version of Pineapple Express 2 etc etc.

Whilst not terrible, This is the End is somewhat of a let-down in parts. The premise is certainly original, and the cast is decent, but all that is thrown out of the window. When the script is desperate in need of a laugh, they just threw in another cock joke or a demon with a huge penis and hope for the best. Which is a shame, as I actually like Seth Rogan and co.

2 / 5 stars     

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