The Walking Dead series 4 episode 3 review

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Sickness is hitting the prison hard in the third episode of season four of The Walking Dead, and it’s up to Rick, Daryl and Hershel to try and figure out a solution.

Spoilers ahead, do not continue reading if you want to watch for yourself.

We pick up after last week’s cliffhanger and the murder of two members of the camp who came down with the flu. Tyreese is obviously upset about his girlfriend being murdered and burnt and loses his cool while asking Rick and Daryl to find the culprit – punching Rick a couple of times. Rick retaliates and beats Tyreese badly until Daryl pulls him off. walking dead pic The Walking Dead series 4 episode 3 review

More and more of the camp start to come down with the flu, so they are sent to a makeshift quarantine in one side of the prison. Those infected include Glenn, the doctor and Sasha.

We then see Hershel gathering his thoughts in an office. Keep an eye out for the painting above his head of a sailboat in the storm with the line “Calm waters don’t make a good sailor”. The meaning is very apt, as Hershel comes to the conclusion that he is needed with the patients and puts his own life at risk to help others. He goes out to pick elderberries in order to make a flu remedy.

Daryl, Michone, Tyreese and Bob take a car out to travel 50 miles to a veterinary university hospital in order to gather the supplies they need to put an end to the flu. On the way, whilst messing with the radio, they hear a voice and, while trying to tune in to a better reception, they run into a huge (and I mean huge!!) group of walkers. They are forced to abandon their vehicle and make a run for the woods.

Back at the prison, Rick does a little detective work and finds out who murdered Karen and David and the culprit is somewhat surprising.

The episode, entitled Isolation, was great and looks like it could become a start to a big improvement for the series. The writers are keeping us second guessing with little mysteries and the character development is top notch.

If I had one gripe, it would be that the prison setting may be getting a little stale. The is a whole world out there and I want to see the devastation of the outbreak more.

Overall though, it was a great watch.

4 / 5 stars     

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