The Truman Show to be adapted for a new TV series

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It was the movie that showed the world that Jim Carrey could also be a dramatic actor should he so wish. Now, The Truman Show is set to be adapted for television.

the truman show The Truman Show to be adapted for a new TV seriesReleased in 1998, The Truman Show received rave reviews from critics and fans alike due to its concept, direction and performances. Truman Burbank is unwittingly the star of a reality television show, and has been his whole life. Viewers in their millions flocked to see Truman just going about his everyday life, unknowing that his family and friends are nothing but actors.

Now, Paramount have decided to create a television series from the film, but it is highly unlikely that Jim Carrey or the original director Peter Weir will return.

As well as The Truman Show series, Paramount have also decided to work on a new Terminator series.

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