The Perfect Murder (2019) short film review

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A struggling actor, with dreams of making it big, hatches a plan to kill his wealthy wife in order to inherit the fortune she will leave behind. We review Vikkramm Chandirramani’s new short film The Perfect Murder.

Rohan Gandotra The Perfect Murder 300x162 The Perfect Murder (2019) short film review

Following on from last year’s short movie Destiny, Vikkramm Chandirramani returns with a new crime thriller called The Perfect Murder; a short film with a plot that may have been seen thousands of times, but Chandirramani has put a little spin on the proceedings.

Kabir (Rohan Gandotra) has married well. His wife, Neha (Samvedna Suwalka) comes from a wealthy family and he lives in a large, immaculately furnished home. Yet, he still dreams of becoming a famous actor headlining major movies. He wants Neha to front him the cash so he can produce a movie for which he can be the star, but with her recent heart problems and the ever-growing resistance from her parents, who have grown weary of their under-achieving son-in-law, the dream looks to be a million miles away.

Unknown to Neha, Kabir is also seeing another woman, the ever-controlling Carol (Niharica Raizada) who demands Kabir to divorce his wife so they can then marry. So a plan is put in motion. Kabir aims to end his wife’s life, inherit her wealth and live out the rest of his days with Carol. Sometimes though, things don’t go to plan.

As aforementioned, the story does sound similar to many that have come before it, and even a little Hitchcockian, but that is no bad thing, especially when it is written and performed well. Which it is in this case.TPM Poster 16012019 300x168 The Perfect Murder (2019) short film review

Rohan Gandotra, Samvedna Suwalka, and Niharica Raizada all do well with their performances and Suman Dutta lenses the film in a satisfying way that works well with the story. I did find it unusual that the character jumped from language-to-language continuously throughout. They would start a sentence speaking in Hindi, but then finish the dialogue in English, which was a little jarring, but not enough to take away my enjoyment of watching the film.

Obviously, we like to stay well away from any spoilers, but Chandirramani is wise to create an unpredictable and satisfying if somewhat ambiguous ending. I finished watching the film wanting to see more, but also happy it ended how it did.

The Perfect Murder is a nice little crime thriller from a director who seems to be going places. It’s great to watch his journey and to be invited along the way. If he continues to improve, we certainly could be seeing a lot more of him.

The Perfect Murder is now available to watch on YOUTUBE. Click HERE to watch the film for yourself.

3.5 / 5 stars     

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