The Narrator (2018) short film review

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Katelyn is surprised and angered after she realises she is just a character within a movie whose life is being orchestrated by a narrator in Nicholas Connor’s latest short film The Narrator.

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Following on from 2016’s Northern Lights and last year’s brilliant Cotton Wool, Nicholas Connor (who we deem one of the UK’s brightest talents destined for bigger things) returns with a short film unlike any he has created before. The Narrator is a short, ten-minute comedy film that has been created by thinking outside of the box, with praise going to writer Joshua Brooks.

Katelyn (Hannah Brackstone-Brown) is having a bad day. Not only is she running late for work having overslept, but she has stepped in dog muck, been ripped off by a vending machine and she has missed her train. All of which has been described by the voice of a mysterious narrator and one that Katelyn can actually hear herself. Having finally reached her melting point, Katelyn decides enough-is-enough and fires the narrator and takes charge of her own destiny, only to find out that her life is just a film created by an over-the-top and flamboyant director called Olaf Hafberg.

When The Narrator landed on the Screen Critix desk, we immediately expected another powerful and well-crafted short film. One that will tug the heartstrings again after his previous efforts. What we received was a pleasant surprise in the form of a thinking man’s (or woman’s) comedy and yet more evidence to show that this young British director is very capable in multiple genres. They say comedy is the hardest genre to get right. When a comedy film is unfunny it’s tragic, yet Connor and the aforementioned writer Joshua Brooks have managed to make something that is both humorous and quite original. Yes, it sometimes did remind me a little of Wes Anderson and Spike Jonze in parts, but that is certainly a compliment as those two auteurs are certainly world class when it comes to offbeat comedy.The Narrator Poster 300x226 The Narrator (2018) short film review

Brackstone-Brown is very convincing as Katelyn, a woman who has just had enough of being a puppet used to entertain the film-within-a-film’s audience. Another highlight is the performances of Michael Watson-Gray. In The Narrator, Watson-Gray manages to create three separate characters in the Ticket Booth Man, an obnoxious workman and Olaf Hafberg himself. All of which are performed with comedic glee.

As stated earlier, like his previous works, Nicholas Connor has made another professional short with strong production values. The camera work is great, the sound good and the editing tight. The Narrator is certainly worth ten minutes of your time, should you be in a position to watch it.

4.5 / 5 stars     

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