The Last Orthodontist (2016) short film review

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It’s the apocalypse and zombies walk the earth, yet all that Zoe cares for is finding someone who can remove her damned braces. We review the black comedy The Last Orthodontist.

JACK AND ZOE The Last Orthodontist (2016) short film review

Thanks to the success of Edgar Wright’s Shaun of the Dead, there seems to be a steady supply of zom-coms (zombie related comedies for those not down with the kids) being released. Some are great and some are god awful. Thankfully, The Last Orthodontist is firmly placed in the former section.

Created in Australia by Imogen Ross, The Last Orthodontist finds Zoe and her friend Jack doing what they can to survive a zombie outbreak, yet Zoe is more worried by the way she looks, and wants nothing more than to find the mythical last orthodontist in order to help get her braces removed.

The film is very short and comes in at just five minutes in length, but those five minutes fly by due to how fun the film actually is. We have some great camaraderie between the two main characters, some zombie attacks and some great one-liners. The film itself is shot nicely with some decent exterior shots and a couple of interior locations.TLO DATE POSSTER The Last Orthodontist (2016) short film review

If I did have one gripe, it would be that the audio was a little quiet and some of the dialogue was tough to hear clearly, which is a shame as stated above, it was rather comedic too.

The Last Orthodontist is currently doing the festival rounds. If you do get a chance to see it, make sure you do, for five minutes well spent.

4 / 5 stars     

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