The Invention of Matthias Walden (2016) short film review

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Matthias Walden is a bright young man and his latest genius creation may just net him a cool $100,000, but he has to deal with some greedy relatives in the short film The Invention of Matthias Walden.

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When compared to his over-bearing mother, his (supposed) crazy Grandpa and his money hungry Aunt and Uncle, Matthias Walden sticks out like a sore thumb. What with his red dickie bow tie, his brown suits and love of poetry, it’s safe to say Matthias is “different”.

Matthias (Ayo “Jozey” Isola) is down to the final in an inventor’s convention in part to his potentially world-changing creation that helps diagnose organ problems at an early stage. As seen in the first scene, some other inventors are sceptical regarding the legitimacy of Matthias invention and believe he may have had a helping hand somewhere along the way.

When Matthias’ mother (Patricia McRae) visits along with his Aunt Macy and Uncle Jack, alongside his wheelchair-bound Grandpa (Alaric Joe), it is believed that they are there to show some support, but a conversation over dinner brings out their true intention – to get their grubby hands on a slice of the potential winnings.

cdf3e5 e2ca1130dee443d3806d33b540a575da mv2 The Invention of Matthias Walden (2016) short film reviewDirected by Whitney Howard, The Invention of Matthias Walden is a great slick production with some great humour and drama mixed together. The performances by all the actors are excellent and the direction is done very well too.

Everything about the production screams professional. The cinematography is fine and framed well using the Arri Alexa from D.O.P Darius D Dawson, and the sound design and use of songs is sublime too, especially in the scene where Matthias decides to go for a swim fully clothed.

I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed The Invention of Matthias Walden, it was humorous, captivating and fun.

4.5 / 5 stars     

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