The Houses October Built review (2014)

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A group of friends decide to travel around the USA looking for the most extreme Haunted House experience during Halloween, yet they get more than they bargained for in The Houses October Built. Check out our review of The Houses October Built right here.

the house october built The Houses October Built review (2014)

We are fast approaching Halloween, so what better time to get in the mood for some scares than watching and reviewing all the latest horror movies? This time around we look at The Houses October Built.

Found Footage films are ten a penny these days, and for a few reasons – one being that they are cheap to make, anyone can pick up a camcorder or DSLR and not have to worry about cinematography. Another reason is that found footage movies add a sense of realism to the production. Many up-and-coming horror directors have taken this direction ever since The Blair Witch Project broke box-office records in 1999.

the houses october built poster The Houses October Built review (2014)The Houses October Built features a group of friends looking for the ultimate scare. They rent an R.V and travel across America visiting Haunted House attractions during the week leading up to Halloween. Whilst the attractions seem scary for most, the group demand more thrills and soon hear of a rumour surrounding a Haunted House tour called “Blue Skeleton” that is so extreme, they don’t stay in the one place for long and only people in the know can access it.

Locating “Blue Skeleton” starts to take up the group’s time and, the closer they get to finding them, the stranger things become.

Whilst The Houses October Built lacks jump scares (which seems to be the go to technique in horror films these days), what it does have in abundance is the sense of something sinister lurking in the background. The places the group of friends visit are eerie enough yet the people they meet are downright terrifying. They seem to be a mix of backwoods “Deliverance” locals and Michael Myers of Halloween fame.

Truth be told, I wasn’t expecting much from The Houses October Built but I was pleasently surprised at how eerie the movie was and like how Jaws put people off from getting in the sea for years, I certainly won’t be visiting any Haunted House attractions any time soon (maybe ever).

The Houses October Built is one of the better found footage films of recent years and worth a watch leading up to Halloween.

3.5 / 5 stars     

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