The Choice Point (2015) short film review

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Scared that his fiancé will jilt him before the wedding, Charlie finds himself in a different dimension and being guided by someone from his past. Check out our review of the short The Choice Point right here.

Choice Point still The Choice Point (2015) short film review

Having reviewed another of director Mark Schwab’s short films this week – The Davenport Vampire; we expected something similar. We were wrong. Not looking to stick to any one genre, Schwab and his team have created, what they describe as a, metaphysical drama.

Charlie (Robert Sean Campbell) is worried. He is just three days from marrying the woman he loves, only for her to get cold feet. Charlie’s best man, Jake (Mark Schwab) is on hand to give some much-needed advice, but it may not be enough. Then, suddenly Charlie finds himself in another dimension, talking to his doctor from when he was a child; a doctor who had died ten years earlier. Dr. Shane Parsons (played by Mark Balunis) tells Charlie that he has two options, one is to continue on his journey or the other involves his death in a car crash.

Now, I know what I would choose in an instant, but Dr Parson’s shows Charlie what life would be like for all the people he knows if he wasn’t around. This vision creates a conundrum for Charlie and the choice has now become a difficult one.

The Choice Point is an unusual and ambiguous short film. Schwab and his team have created a small piece of celluloid that looks outside of the box and doesn’t follow any trends. This is certainly not a bad thing. They have managed to forge an interesting film out of a unique concept.

That’s not to say it’s a perfect short film (if there is such a thing), as it still has some slight problems with things like the sound dipping in quality between some shots, some visuals and slight exposition, but I still walked away from the film being impressed.

It’s easy to take a flavour of the month and imitate it. Anybody remember the countless Scream rip-offs following the release of Wes Craven’s huge 1996 hit? So, to come up with something original and daring should be applauded. We need filmmakers like Spike Jonze and Michel Gondry; people that go against the norm. Schwab and his crew have created something unique with The Choice Point and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Had Mark Schwab had access to a bigger crew of talented people and more money to spend on production design, The Choice Point could very well have received our (very hard at gaining) five stars. Instead, it will have to settle for a highly respectable four. A great little film.

4 / 5 stars     

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