The Broken Legacy (2015) review

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An aspiring screenwriter volunteers himself to undergo testing for a new drug at a medical research facility in the feature film The Broken Legacy.

 broken legacy The Broken Legacy (2015) review

Steven (Michael Stahler) is trying to make it as a screenwriter, and he sees an opportunity to test a new drug that battles cholesterol as a chance to get away from the world for one whole month and start on a new script. Inside the medical facility, he meets a group of other people who are all, like him, being paid to be human guinea pigs. One of the other patients is Emily (Rayne Bidder) – a pretty English girl whom Steven immediately falls for.

The problem though, is Steven isn’t great at approaching and talking to Emily. He finds a solution with Tomas (Marcos Esteves) – an egotistical wannabe philosopher who believes he has all the answers and offers to help Steven with his Emily problem if he agrees to help him with a script idea he has.

Directed by Miguel Garzon Martinez, The Broken Legacy has an interesting concept; the thought of being locked up for a month, taking drugs for which the after effects are unknown can lead to many exciting ideas and Martinez plays with that idea and runs with it, especially with the prospect of losing short term memory. Martinez mixes some good dramatic moments with some hilarious and comedy based around some embarrassing moments – a favourite was when Steven was questioned about his bowel movements in front of Emily by a doctor.the broken legacy The Broken Legacy (2015) review

The characters are all well written, especially that of Tomas. Marcos Esteves plays him as an annoying know-it-all but he is still likeable. The other actors all do well with the material as well. The film is lensed well and the lighting is good for the most part, but the production design could have done with a little work. I understand that the film was set in a medical facility, but all the white walls doesn’t help with giving the location a little character.

The Broken Legacy is an interesting character-driven film with some great ideas performed by some good up-and-coming actors. Worthy of a watch and worthy of the festival awards it has already garnered.


3.5 / 5 stars     

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