Star Trek 3 may star Bryan Cranston

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According to rumours, Bryan Cranston could be heading to Star Trek 3, and he will be playing the bad guy. Excited much?

bryan cranston Star Trek 3 may star Bryan CranstonThe Star Trek reboot and its sequel Star Trek Into Darkness were both huge successes. With some great action, acting and storylines, many believe the reboots to be better than the originals. Director J.J. Abrams may have now jumped (star)ship to concentrate on the news Star Wars film, but the third Star Trek film is still incoming, with Simon Pegg helping with the script.

A rumour that is now circulating thanks to Film Divider  is that Bryan Cranston is being lined up to play the main bad guy in the third movie. Cranston is, of course, known for his portrayal of Walter White in the hit TV series Breaking Bad. In recent years, he has also starred in the likes of Godzilla, Total Recall, Drive and the Oscar-winning Argo.

There is no news in regards to who he could be possibly playing, but salivating fan-boys have been coming up with names such as General Chang and Q.

More on these developments when we have it.

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