Preview of Chris Cronin’s short film MOMENTS

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One of the UK’s most exciting up-and-coming directors, Chris Cronin has finished his latest short film – Moments. Screen Critix have all the details here.

Originally planned as a quick dance extravaganza for the Virgin Media Shorts competition, Moments had so many fantastic (ahem) moments that it was just crying out for an extended cut. The finished product now lasts for just over five minutes.

The short revolves around Joel (Simon Hardwick) a man who always keeps missing out. After a chance meeting with the beautiful Madeline (Lauren Harvey), Joel is determined to, not only see Madeline again, but take part in one of the incredible dances that seem to break out around London. MomentsTeaser Poster 213x300 Preview of Chris Cronins short film MOMENTS

Cronin, who directed the award-winning short film Ante, as well as the up-coming shorts Sophie’s Fortune and Tech Hunt, came up with the premise for Moments

“Moment’s is a love letter to all those Disney classics that used the power of dance to express powerful emotions that couldn’t be described simply with words. With the collaborative team that created ‘Sophie’s Fortune’ it didn’t take long to hit the ground running with orchestrating such a large concept.

Set to the backdrop of a modern romanticised London and utilising talent from the West Ends ‘Chorus Line’ we were able to, in a short period of time, create large scale dance set pieces in some of the most beautiful yet hidden locations in the centre of London. In the world of ‘Moments’ everyday people break out into dance when nearby couples fall in Love. Joel, just like everyone else is excited to be involved in these moments, but recently he’s down on his luck until he accidentally has a moment of his own.”

Producers Phil Meachem and Andrew Oldbury are joined by Marc Hankins. Mike Clarke, who directed this year’s Doug Bradley starring short film A Hand to Play, takes on an executive producer role.

Moments will start to play in the festival circuit very soon. We will hopefully have a review of the finished product in the next month, as well as more news from this group of talented people. Moments Title Card 9 300x168 Preview of Chris Cronins short film MOMENTS

Get ready for the dance.

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