Open Grave review (2013)

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Sharlto Copley wakes up in a huge hole full of bodies with no recollection to how he got there or who he even is in Open Grave. Review right here.

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It’s something that would scare the hell out of all of us – waking up in a big muddy hole filled with decomposing corpses. Yet that is exactly what happens to one man (played by the talented South African Sharlto Copley).

He is helped out of the hole by a mute Asian woman and he makes his way to the nearest house in a secluded forest. There he finds a group of other people who, like him, have no memory of who they are or how they got there.

We soon have a case of whodunit. Everyone is a suspect. Not only are there dead people in the pit, but some are tied to many of the trees surrounding the house.

Spanish director Gonzalo Lopez-Gallago does a great job of turning a certain genre on its head and adding mystery/horror elements. The look of the film is great and the abandoned setting looks like something you would expect around Chernobyl, but more green. open grave 214x300 Open Grave review (2013)

Copley, who was excellent in District 9 and stole the show in both The A-Team and Elysium, does a great job again at portraying the main character. He wants to help but keeps getting flashbacks of him doing, what he believes, are not very nice things to people.

The acting is strong by all the cast, but sometimes the plot travels at a slow pace and you can become a little bored of the constant changes in the timeline.

Overall Thoughts:

Open Grave is a nice little low budget mystery horror film, and it will be interesting to see what Lopez-Gallago does next.  Copley is certainly an actor to keep an eye on.

3 / 5 stars     

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