New Paul Gerrard Book Hits Kickstarter

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British concept artist Paul Gerrard currently has a Kickstarter project on the go – the first in a set of very special books which highlight his unique design work.

gerrardian vol 1 New Paul Gerrard Book Hits Kickstarter

We reviewed Paul Gerrard’s last book Company of Shadows back in 2014 and we gave it top marks for the original and disturbing imagery that was found with in. Now, he is back with more juicy and horrific characters with the new book The Gerrardian Collection volume 1.

Since our last visit into Gerrard’s mind, he has contributed his skills to some huge projects including the television series The Shannara Chronicles and the upcoming movie reboot of Hellboy. He is currently also preparing for his co-directing debut, though that project is currently being kept under wraps.

According to the press release, The Gerrardian Collection volume 1 will be the first in a series of ten gorgeous-looking books that will look fantastic on every bookshelf or coffee 300x268 New Paul Gerrard Book Hits Kickstarter

This is what Paul had to say.

“My name is Paul Gerrard, I am the artist behind such Demons and Antagonists as Dadga Mor and The Mord Wraith from The Shannara Chronicles, Shredder from TMNT , the alien species from Battle La. These designs when first created are about mood, tone, they are crafted to evoke a deep emotional response. I take the stance that it is my responsibility to visualize the extreme versions of any said creation, the wild cards of imaginative design. Do that first and rest falls into place. I hope this book will give you an insight into those wild cards, and that these creations will take you on a journey. Welcome to the beginnings.”

The Kickstarter has currently surpassed the target amount required but some fantastic perks are still up for grabs, including copies of the book, cards, original artwork and more. So it is certainly worth investigating further.

Here is a link to the Kickstarter – The Gerrardian Collection Volume 1

Check it out for yourselves.

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