Music from Undeterred (2019) review

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Joseph Villapaz returns to Screen Critix with a short music video entitled Music from Undeterred. Check out our review right after this jump.

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We have to admit, we never quite know what to expect when the latest project from director Joseph Villapaz lands on our desk. From 14 Days to Subversive, Villapaz is certainly not afraid of tackling a plethora of subjects and genres. Now, his latest effort is a music video that seems to be from a future production called Undeterred (according to IMDB).

The video itself only lasts for just over one minute and forty seconds, but its a bright and breezy time whilst it lasts. Starring two singers, Tess Borsecnik and Philip Trossarello, the music video sees the two performing on a rooftop and singing the catchy little tune in front of a couple of microphones. There is not much more to it. But that is not to say we didn’t enjoy it.

After doing a little research, it seems the upcoming short Undeterred is actually a science fiction film, which surprised us greatly, as the song comes across as something from a romantic musical but, as we are unaware as to how the song is going to be used in the sci-fi, we can’t really judge on if it works in a certain context. So we will have to judge it on its own merits as if it stands alone.Undeterred Video 207x300 Music from Undeterred (2019) review

Whilst, the cinematography is nothing to write home about, what we do have is a bright and cheerful little ditty performed well by two energetic and likable performers. Villapaz is showing himself to have range in terms of the different projects he creates and it is great to see.

Overall, Music from Undeterred is a happy couple of minutes of fun and, if anything, it has made us want to see, and get to know, more of Villapaz’s next project. Let’s hope we aren’t waiting too long.

3.5 / 5 stars     

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