Mulk (2018) short film review

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Tom’s day starts bizarrely in the short comedy film Mulk from David Esposito. Check out our review right after the jump.

mulk still 300x169 Mulk (2018) short film review

It’s been over two years since we last had the opportunity to review a short film from writer/director David Esposito. The last short was a comedy entitled Fatal Premonition, now he returns with a micro-short (three minutes in runtime) called Mulk. It’s so short, it could actually be referred to as a sketch or skit, but it’s well-made and funny.

Tom (David Esposito) is having a strange day. Ready to go to the local shop, Tom’s girlfriend Jenny (Lauren LaVera) asks him to pick up some “mulk”. A confused Tom demands an explanation into what “mulk” actually is, to which he is informed, “the white stuff that comes out of nipples”. If this wasn’t weird enough for Tom, he also finds a stranger on his doorstep just reading his e-mails like its normal and a man hiding out in a bush.

mulk poster 213x300 Mulk (2018) short film reviewWhilst the look of the short is nothing exceptional (the lighting and grade are rather simple), the film is edited really well and has a humorous script. The one aspect that really stood out for me was how well performed the whole scenario was. All the actors are excellent with just a three-minute time frame, especially Esposito himself who was clearly enjoying himself and relishes in the role he created. Looking back at our Fatal Premonition review, we applauded Esposito’s acting then too, for portraying an obnoxious and arrogant character. He does really well as Tom, a man who is just plain confused with the situation he finds himself in. He rattles off quick retorts and one-liners aplomb and its a joy to behold.

Mulk is a funny (very) short film and should raise a good few chuckles from any audience members who are lucky enough to see it.

4 / 5 stars     

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