Marie short film review (2014)

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A woman goes to extreme lengths to try and attract the man she loves in the short film Marie by director Alfredo Tanaka. Review of Marie after the jump.

Marie Still Marie short film review (2014)

Every so often, we here at Screen Critix get the chance to watch and review a film that is a little different than what has come before. The short Marie by Alfredo Tanaka is one such film. A little bit David Lynch, a little bit Spike Jonze; Tanaka has created a strange world that pulls us in and gains our interest, something that must be commended, especially as the run time is a little of 11 minutes (including credits).

Marie (Kasia Koleczek) is a woman who is in love with a doctor. The only problem is, the doctor is cross between a human and a horse. He isn’t the only one of his kind as there seems to be a whole race of these horse people. Wanting to fit in and gain the love of the doctor, Marie undergoes surgery to have her face altered and changed to that of a horse as well.

Marie Main Art 726x1024 Marie short film review (2014)This all sounds utterly bizarre of course and some viewers will state that they “didn’t get it”, but underneath it all, Marie is simply a story about love and wanting to be noticed.

What stood out to me the most though was how achingly beautiful the film is. Marie is gorgeous to look at and has been lensed and lit to near perfection. You can tell that a lot of effort had been put into the look of the film and it works really well.

The acting in Marie is decent and the creature effects for the horse heads look great too. We believe Alfredo Tanaka, and his crew, all have bright futures ahead of them and if they continue to make more films rich in heart and looks, they will certainly be picking up some awards along the way.

4 / 5 stars     

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