Margie: A Retirement Tale (2014) short film review

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Depressed with how retirement has turned out for her, Margie decides to try and spice up her marriage in Margie: A Retirement Tale. Review after the jump.

Written and directed by Charles-Antoine Sporns, Margie is a funny little short film about how relationships can become stale over time and the lengths that people can go to in order to keep things fresh.margie poster Margie: A Retirement Tale (2014) short film review

Margie (beautifully played by Veronica Bloom) is bored with retirement. She looks at her husband Hank (Herb Astrow) with disgust as he channel surfs at night and snores in his sleep. A spring clean in his office uncovers a pornographic magazine and Margie starts to wonder where it all went wrong. Instead of complaining or being upset though, Margie decides to compete with Hank’s fantasies and go shopping….adult shopping.

Margie: A Retirement Tale is both funny and honest. Millions of couples go through the same predicament as out lead character, but the awkwardness in which Margie goes about it makes for a very funny short film.

Add to the fact that the film looks fantastic with great cinematography, sounds great with excellent sound design and is acted perfectly by the two main stars – you have a winning formula.

Charlie-Antoine Sporns has done a fantastic job here and I can really see Margie: A Retirement Tale as just part of a much larger production. A feature based around these characters and their fight to keep their relationship alive could very well be the next great independent feature.

Let’s hope Charlie is already on the case. Margie: A Retirement Tale is a great short film worthy of your time.

4.5 / 5 stars     

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