Luna (2016) short film review

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Two homeless boys in Australia try to survive against the elements and each other in the short drama – Luna. Read our review right here on Screen Critix.

luna pic Luna (2016) short film review

Andrew (Adam Soldo) and Matt (Erik Mackintosh) are struggling on the streets of Australia. If they aren’t sleeping under bridges and watching trains go by, they are rooting around in bins in order to salvage some items that others have thrown away. It was during one such garbage hunt that Andrew finds a discarded ring with a half-moon face. Interested in the moon, stars and environment, Andrew keeps the ring, even though Matt mocks him for doing so.

As the larger of the two boys, Matt uses his influence to get Andrew to do things he feels uncomfortable with, like breaking into vehicles for example and to play childish games, one of which leads to tragedy.

Directed by Imogen Ross (The Last Orthodontist), Luna is a nice little short drama film. It looks great throughout, with some excellent cinematography from the director. Showing her versatility, Imogen also took up the roles of editor, colour grader and producer (alongside Kat Mortimer). She does an excellent job in each role.luna poster Luna (2016) short film review

Though the runtime comes in at just ten minutes, Luna is well-paced enough for the audience to be invested in the characters and story for the ending to have the intended effect. It’s strong and the performances by the two main actors are believable, which is all you can ask for in a short film.

Luna seems to be doing really well on the current festival circuit, being officially selected to play at such events as the Palm Springs International, Newcastle Film Society, FanBoy Film Festival and the Slum Film Festival. If you are able to attend any events, I highly recommend going to see Luna for an enjoyable short drama.

4 / 5 stars     

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