The Lone Ranger (2013) review

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Armie Hammer looks to take the law into his own hands alongside Johnny Depp’s Tonto in Disney’s big budget movie The Lone Ranger. Review after the jump.

A young boy dressed as the titular character visits a fairground and an exhibition about the Wild West. Inside is a display showing wild buffalo and a Native American. The boy is startled when the Indian moves and declares himself to be the legendary Tonto. When the young man questions the validity of the Indian’s claims, Tonto tells him the story of John Reid and how he became The Lone Ranger. the lone ranger poster The Lone Ranger (2013) review

We then travel back in time as John Reid and Tonto look to stop an outlaw named Butch Cavendish (William Fichtner) who has killed Reid’s older brother, Dan.

Directed by Gore Verbinski, The Lone Ranger is certainly an epic adventure, as you would expect from the man who brought us The Pirates of the Caribbean. Some of the set-pieces are spectacular, especially in the last third of the film, where two trains are set on a collision course and it’s up to our heroes to save the day.

Armie Hammer proves that he can front a movie with a good performance, yet it is Johnny Depp (again) who steals the show as the wacky sidekick – Tonto. The character provides the film with some great comic relief throughout. The supporting cast are all strong, with Tom Wilkinson as  Latham Cole – a chairman of the railroad company, and Helena Bonham Carter as a madam of a whore house.

Much like last year’s Dredd, The Lone Ranger didn’t do well in the box office although it deserved to be a success. Many critics looked to slate this movie, yet they must have forgotten what it’s like to just sit down and have some fun. Ignore the bad reviews and how much the movie made at the box office, relax and buckle-up for a fun adventure.

4 / 5 stars     

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