Locke review (2013)

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Tom Hardy stars as Ivan Locke; a man who has an unforgettable car journey that changes his life forever in the film Locke. Our Locke review after the jump.

loke Locke review (2013)

You may not think the premise of Locke sounds appealing, after all it is a film about one man’s car journey, but you would be wrong not to give this little thriller a chance to shine. Locke is a great character drama featuring one of the world’s best actors showing his emotions as his whole world unfolds.

A foreman, Ivan Locke (Hardy) is supposed to make sure a job set for the following day goes smooth. The job will cost $100 million if it doesn’t go well. Yet Locke decides to get in his car and make a long journey to London for the birth of his child. The catch is, it isn’t his wife who is expecting, but a one-night stand.

Never leaving the BMW, the film sees Locke taking a serious of phone calls, including some to his wife explaining why he won’t be home to watch the big football match with her and their two sons. locke poster Locke review (2013)

There have been a couple of films in the last decade or so that takes place in the (dis)comfort of one location. Phone Booth with Colin Farrell was a great thriller and the Ryan Reynolds movie Buried was interesting too. Locke though is unlike those as it’s not a matter of survival in a sense that the main character could possibly die – though Locke Ivan Locke may prefer that scenario once his journey comes to an end.

Steven Knight directs and he does a much better job than his first effort (Hummingbird starring Jason Statham). He cranks up the tension and utilises the BMW to great effect; actually making us feel like a passenger witnessing a somewhat uncomfortable scene.

The cinematography is great as is the colouring, with Hardy’s face being lit up orange from the dashboard of his vehicle.

Overall Locke is an enjoyable little thriller that will make everyone who is in a happy relationship think twice about ever straying.

4.5 / 5 stars     

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