Lionsgate to re-boot LEPRECHAUN

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Reboot brings a fresh start to the franchise including a new Gaelic mini slasher. 

Director, Zach Lipovsky, has brought in Dylan “Hornswoggle” Post to replace the original Warwick Davis. The fanbase of the W.W.E. will clearly add to the strong following already in place.

leprechaun Lionsgate to re boot LEPRECHAUN

Not many details are available despite the film being in post production. With the only comments from Lipovsky being that they are starting afresh and taking it in a completely new direction in a completely new world. His aim being to make a “real horror film” rather than something “campy”. He did praise the  first batch saying that “it did what it did so well, that’s why they made so many of them.”

And who could forget the 1993 version with the beautiful Jennifer Anniston in her pre-Friends days?

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