Last Day with Lizzy (2014) short film review

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A father visits his daughter to spend a day with her in the short film Last Day with Lizzy. Check out our review right after the jump.

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Written and Directed by Matt Duhamel, Last Day with Lizzy is quite a unique short film, in that it brought out some emotions that surprised me. To say the twelve minute film caught me off guard is quite the understatement.

Mark (Clinton Coltrin) drives out to the woods to see his daughter at his old home, but his estranged wife (Jill Adler) is best pleased at his arrival. From the off we know that something is wrong and there is talks of a fire and that his daughter Lizzy is not home. Mark takes no notice and walks inside to see Lizzy, who is drawing at the table.

After a brief talk, Mark convinces his daughter (Amber Murdock) to take a picnic with him, but it’s not all happy families as Lizzie tells her father that he has to let her go and that he should seek professional help.filmposter withlaurals 691x1024 Last Day with Lizzy (2014) short film review

Made in just twelve hours, which is pretty remarkable; Last Days with Lizzie is a nicely shot and surprisingly moving short film. I actually found myself filling up when the credits started to roll. As an older gentleman with a daughter of my own, the little story actually hit home. The material is handled well by Matt who, along with his team, has shown that it is possible to have a nice and professional film with limited resources, budget and time. The film’s cinematography looks crisp, the sound is always clear and the score helps bring out the emotional subject nicely.

The actors all do a great job but if I did have a gripe with the whole production, it would be that the odd line was read with less conviction than it should have, but it is understandable with such time constraints. They would have needed to be pushed in order to move on to the next shot and seeing that most of the film was shot outside – filming before the sun went down would have been a big challenge.

All in all, Last Day with Lizzy is a very nice and moving short film. Look it up, give it a watch and enjoy. I know I did.

4 / 5 stars     

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