Lady Electric (2017) short film review

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A deaf woman who longs for the life she once had, finds inspiration from an unlikely source in the short drama Lady Electric from Mirella Christou.


The third short film by Mirella Christou, following Flaws of Perception and Blues in the Key of V, is a heart-warming tale of friendship and overcoming obstacles; all told within its very short ten-minute runtime. Starting with a shot of a vinyl being placed on a turntable, we are introduced to Rose (Amanda McDonough) as she tries in vain to listen to the music playing from the headphones. Rose is deaf and it’s obvious she misses music.

Not to let her disability stop her from living a full and productive life, Rose is also a nurse and has been taking care of an elderly lady called Grace (Hilary Momberger-Powers) who just so happens to be a former professional singer. With Rose unable to bring herself to sing ever since she lost her hearing, Grace offers her the encouragement needed for Rose to go back to the one thing that used to bring her joy.Lady Electric Movie Poster 212x300 Lady Electric (2017) short film review

Lady Electric is a labour of love from some very talented and dedicated women. In fact, the whole production was an all-female affair. Written, directed and produced by Mirella Christou, she was joined by Erynn Patrick on cinematography duties. There is nothing flashy in Lady Electric, but that is a good thing in this instance, as it isn’t needed at all. Lady Electric is all heart with professional production values.

With many in Hollywood outraged at the lack of female-led movies, and rightly so, it’s good to see emerging talent. Women who know how to tell a good tale. If Lady Electric is anything to go by, the future is bright for female film-makers.

Lady Electric is an enjoyable short movie that looks at overcoming disabilities, hope and unlikely friendships in equal measure.

4 / 5 stars     

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