Knight Rider to be adapted for the big screen?

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Rumours have come in regarding the possibility of Knight Rider being adapted for the big screen, with Chris Pratt and Danny McBride attached.

We thought the trend for adapting 80’s television shows into movies had finished. We have already had the likes of The A-Team, Starsky and Hutch. 21 Jump Street and The Sweeney – well it looks like the trend hasn’t finished yet, as Knight Rider could be about to make the transition. pratt and mcbride Knight Rider to be adapted for the big screen?

It was the show that made David Hasselhoff a superstar around the world. He played Michael Knight, a former police detective who becomes a special field agent along with a talking car KITT. For those who have never seen the show, the plot may sound a bit ho-hum, but the show rocked.

Now, according the Schmoes Know, Knight Rider could be coming and the team behind the adaption want Christ Pratt as Michael and Danny McBride as the voice of KITT.

Pratt is fast becoming one of Hollywood’s biggest names. He is the lead in the newly-released The Lego Movie, he headlines Guardians of the Galaxy this summer as Starlord and he is in next year’s Jurassic World.

More on this when we have it, but if it does come to fruition, we want to watch it!

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