Johnny Depp in talks to play Doctor Strange?

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It may only be a rumour at this point, but it’s a pretty huge rumour – Johnny Depp has apparently been meeting with Marvel bosses to potentially play Doctor Strange.

According to the Latino Review, Johnny Depp is being considered to play Doctor Strange in Marvel’s Phase 3 cinematic universe. If it becomes a reality, this will be huge. Depp is one of the biggest named actors in the world who has proven to be a huge attraction to filmgoers. Movies such as the Pirates of the Caribbean series, Alice in Wonderland, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Sleepy Hollow became big successes thanks to having his name on the poster. johnny depp 173x300 Johnny Depp in talks to play Doctor Strange?

Doctor Strange is a big Marvel hero and is known for his powerfully sorcery.  He is due to have his own film in Phase 3 and then join The Avengers in the third outing.

This is just a rumour for now, but if it does happen, Doctor Strange will most likely become a bigger movie than initially thought.

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