Jingle All The Way 2 is coming this Christmas

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A sequel to the 1996 Christmas movie Jingle all the Way is to be made sans Arnold Schwarzenegger and minus a cinema release.

18 years (has it been that long?) after we got to see Arnold Schwarzenegger run around looking for a Turbo-Man doll on Christmas Eve for his son, we are now being told that a sequel is incoming courtesy of 20th Century Fox and WWE Films. larry cable Jingle All The Way 2 is coming this Christmas

Of course the Austrian Oak will not be returning for the film, although the idea of him running around again for a new toy for his grandson could be funny (I made that up), he will be replaced by another…erm… huge star…erm… in Larry the Cable Guy.

You may recognise Larry the Cable Guy as the redneck stand-up comedian in the Blue Collar Comedy Tour. He is now making a name for himself as the person to go to when making a sequel and the original star won’t return. Also see The Rock and The Tooth Fairy 2.

Larry won’t be on his own though; he will be starring alongside Santino Marella, the wrestler in WWE that is pretty much an Italian parody.

Sounds absolutely awesome doesn’t it?…….What do you mean, “no”?

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