Housebound review (2014)

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A young female delinquent finds herself under house arrest and back living with her mother. The only problem is, the house they live in may be haunted. We review the horror/comedy Housebound right after the jump.

housebound pic Housebound review (2014)

More horror reviews for Halloween. This time it’s the turn of a New Zealand comedy horror by the name of Housebound.

Kylie is every parent’s worst nightmare – a child (or twenty-something tearaway in this case) who has no respect for their parents and turns to breaking the law in order to get what they want. After numerous hours of counselling, Kylie is placed under house arrest and is forced to wear a tag at all times. She hates the idea of living in her childhood home with her frankly bizarre mother, but it’s are made even worse when strange things happen.

Both Kylie and her mother believe the old house is haunted and, with the help of Kylie’s security tag officer, they look to solve the case of the supernatural occurrences.housebound Housebound review (2014)

Making a good comedy is very hard to do. Making a good horror film is very hard to do. So finding a rare breed of great comedy horror is extremely difficult. That’s exactly what you get with Housebound though.

The movie is very eerie at times and mixes both jump scares and gore very well, yet you will find yourself laughing throughout thanks to a great script and some hilarious scenes.

Morgana O’Reilly, who is mostly known for her time on television soap opera Neighbours, is fantastic as Kylie. She plays the character as a ballsy yet fragile complication and is a breath of fresh air. Hopefully Housebound will introduce her to some big producers looking for a new female star in the making.

She is joined by some great actors putting in some wonderful performances, which makes for a truly great film.

Housebound is a must see for those who want a good scare and to laugh at the same time.

4 / 5 stars     

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