Detective Comics 26 review

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Batman has to put an end to those responsible for all the deaths in Gotham recently, as he goes up against Dr Langstrom and his wife. Detective Comics 26 review after the jump.

The story of Man-Bat, the outbreak spread across Gotham and Langstrom’s serum has lasted for months and now, in Detective Comics 26, we finally get the conclusion. Although we can finally put this arc to rest, the finale seems to fizzle to the end, instead of going out with a huge bang.

As seen during last month’s (superior) Jim Gordon related issue, more bodies have been found and stripped to the bones by some carnivorous predators. There isn’t much detective skills needed to come to the conclusion that Langstrom is involved in some way. detective comics 26 Detective Comics 26 review

Batman takes Man-Bat down with some supersonic sound device and turns the beast back into the man. Langstrom then informs the Caped Cruasader that his wife is now addicted to turning into the feral mutant and she is responsible for all the corpses that have been turning up.

We then expect a huge fight between the Man-Bat, Batman and the Bat Queen. But what we actually receive is a contest that lasts just a page, as Batman plans ahead to stop such a thing happening.

The very last scene sees our hero talking to Alfred and a female character in Wayne Manor. The female character is annoyed that Bruce didn’t call for her help seeing as they are “partners”. A little research tells us this person is Catbird, a character we aren’t really sure about right now, but our opinions can change.

Detective Comics’ next arc starts next month and is called “Gothtopia” – John Layman’s last for the book. Which is a huge shame, seeing as Layman is the best thing to happen to this comic for many a year

Don’t get me wrong, Detective Comics 26 is still a great book, but it feels like it could have been much more.

Overall Thoughts:

Detective Comics ties up the Man-Bat story adequately but not spectacularly – which is what was required if this book was ever going to give Snyder and Cappulo’s Batman a run for its money.

4 / 5 stars     

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