Detective Comics 25 review

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Jim Gordon gets his own story based around the Zero Year arc in Detective Comics 25. Have a read of our review, right after the jump.

With Zero Year in full flow, Detective Comics 25 sees our beloved Gotham Commissioner garner his own issue. Set six years earlier, a newly transferred Jim Gordon attempts to try and locate who is behind a series of planned burglaries and killings. It is apparent early that the Gotham Police Department is rife with corruption and Gordon is looking to put an end to it. detective comics 25 197x300 Detective Comics 25 review

By following in Batman’s footsteps, Jim turns vigilante and disobeys his boss’s orders in turning his attention on the Dark Knight. He soon figures that a CEO of a make-up company is behind the recent spate of crimes – Roman Sionis, who we all know is to become the Black Mask.

Detective Comics has an excellent noir feel to it, and is better compared to that of L.A Confidential than a super hero comic. John Layman’s run on the book has been fantastic to date and, although it won’t be known as revolutionary as Scott Snyder and Greg Cappulo’s run on the flag ship title, it has certainly been a highlight for Detective Comics in recent years.

The second story sets out to combine a section of the first, namely the fake suicide on a Gotham bridge, with what looks to be next month’s story and the continuation of Man-Bat. The artwork on the second story is somewhat grittier than the first half of the book, and a little uneven, but we will forgive them as Detective Comics 25 is damn good.

Also, look out for the page featuring Jim’s fall from a bridge – the artwork is simply fantastic. Let’s hope Jim takes centre stage in a few more issues in the future.

4.5 / 5 stars     

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