Darkness Falls (2016) short film review

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A young woman named Melissa wakes up with amnesia. As her memory starts to come back, she realises something is terribly wrong with the world. We review the Swedish short thriller Darkness Falls.

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Coming from the mind of talented up-and-coming filmmaker Jarno Lee Vinsencius, Darkness Falls is a smart little science fiction short film, that is beautiful to look at and intriguing to boot. As soon as the opening credit began, I knew that I was about to watch a very polished short film, and I wasn’t wrong.

The film starts with a young woman called Melissa (Joanna Haggblom) waking up in a forest; unaware of how she got there or who she even is. Soon after, she is plagued by nightmares and is sent a letter by the mysterious David (Demis Tzivis) who says he knows exactly what is happening. What follows is a fifteen minute short that plays with conspiracy and paranoia themes, all wrapped around a sci-fi plot.

darkness falls poster Darkness Falls (2016) short film reviewAs stated above, Darkness Falls is a wonderfully shot short film, with beautiful snowy locations. It was surprising to see that Jarno Lee Vinsencius not only directed the short film, but he was also the cinematographer, editor, producer and writer. Now, we normally advise filmmakers to not try and do all the roles yourself and, in order to make a great film, you should surround yourself with other talented and experienced crew members, yet Vinsencius has done such a wonderful job in each role that we have to second guess our advice.

Darkness Falls has already started to pick up some awards on the festival circuit (which is not surprising at all) and I suspect it will pick up a fair few more before its run comes to an end. Also, the plot of Darkness Falls is pretty cool. I would love to see what Vinsencius could do with a large budget in order to extend the story into a feature length version.

5 / 5 stars     

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