Could Chiwetel Ejiofor be heading to STAR WARS VII?

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Could Chiwetel Ejiofor be cast in Star Wars VII? According to today’s rumour mill, it could be a possibility.

With 12 Years a Slave considered one of the favourites for the next Oscar ceremony, the film’s star Chiwetel Ejiofor is certainly a future star. Now, according to a report by The Times, Ejiofor could be heading to the Star Wars franchise. chiwetel ejiofor Could Chiwetel Ejiofor be heading to STAR WARS VII?

Rhys Baker, who works for the British newspaper, was set to interview JJ Abrams about his upcoming book, entitled M. While waiting in the reception area, he met Chiwetel, who was also set to meet Abrams.

Baker asked JJ if Ejiofor was there in regards to the Star Wars movie, to which Abrams replied that he cannot talk about casting but insisted that the British actor was a very talented gentleman.

Could Ejiofor have been there for a role in the cult movie series? Or was he there for another project? Only time will tell.

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