Could Blair Witch 3 finally be coming?

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Fans of the 1999 found-footage horror The Blair Witch Project have been crying out for a third film for nearly fifteen years. There could be a chance that their wish may come true.

blairwitchproject Could Blair Witch 3 finally be coming?

Before its release, The Blair Witch Project was billed as being the scariest movie of all-time, and while that statement is at least arguable, what is true is the film went on to be a huge success – making $250 million at the box office, even though the budget was only $60,000.

A sequel was released in 2000 and instead of it being another found-footage movie it was made in the traditional manner. It wasn’t as well received as the original but it did go on to gain a cult following.

A Blair Witch 3 has been talked about for years and it looked like it would never happen. Yet now the ball could finally start to roll.

Lionsgate, who owns the rights to The Blair Witch Project, has recent acquired Eduardo Sanchez’ latest movie Exists from the SXSW Festival. The move reunites Sanchez with Lionsgate and now the director is hopeful the trilogy can be finished.the blair witch project w091611 300x168 Could Blair Witch 3 finally be coming?

You know, Lionsgate owns the property, so it’s obviously up to them right now,” Sanchez tells “We’ve been talking to them for the past four or five years about doing it, but there’s nothing really in the works right now with us. But I think you’re right and maybe just being back at Lionsgate will help move things forward on another Blair Witch movie.

Sanchez also commented on the third instalment going back to the roots – found-footage.

That’s an observation I’ve talked to a lot of people about. There were other found-footage movies, but when Cloverfield did its thing there were a whole bunch of them afterward. I think a lot of people, including us, just didn’t know. We never imagined doing another Blair Witch found-footage movie. Our plan for the sequel is definitely not doing a found-footage movie. It took a while for people to just figure out what Blair had done; I’m not sure why. The film was so experimental and kind of came out of nowhere so people didn’t know what to think of it and weren’t sure if that style could be repeated.

We at Screen Critix like the idea of Blair Witch 3 being a found-footage film. What do you think?

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