Charlie Cox to play Daredevil in new TV series

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The new Daredevil has been revealed, and it’s Boardwalk Empire’s Charlie Cox playing the blind superhero in the new television series.

charlie cox Charlie Cox to play Daredevil in new TV seriesHe played Tristan in the film Stardust, and now Charlie Cox will portray the man without fear in Marvel’s new television series Daredevil. For those who don’t read comics and didn’t watch the travesty that was the Ben Affleck film, Daredevil tells the story of Matt Murdock – a man who was blinded as a little boy but has his other senses heightened drastically. He is a lawyer by day and a crime fighter by night.

The first season of the new Daredevil series will air in 2015 with 13 episodes. We have no idea what bad guys will show up in the series or who will play them. The Affleck movie featured Colin Farrell as Bullseye  and the late Michael Clarke Duncan as Kingpin.

More on the series when we have it.

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