Captain T&T (2013) short film review

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A six-year old boy in Trinidad & Tobago dreams of being a super hero in this short film from Christopher Guinness. Check out the review here.

Every child dreams of being something special and the child in this short film is no exception. With a love of comic books, “Thin Foot” wants nothing more than to be a super hero. First though, he needs to find what his special powers are, in order to stop two young boys with a penchant for burning people’s pets.captain tt Captain T&T (2013) short film review

Captain T&T looks incredible. The landscapes and the colouring are nothing short of sensational and you get a real feel of the island country of Trinidad and Tobago. Everything looks warm and vibrant. The story is also heart-warming and also sad at times. I felt myself really wanting the little boy to find his power and succeed and, without giving away too much of the ending, he does in a way.

Sometimes the fast style of the edit is a little off-putting and also the repeated whispers of “power, speed, precision”, but we can forgive all that due to the sheer beauty of the imagery captured.

Captain T&T is a great little short film and deserves your attention.


4.5 / 5 stars     

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