Burn in Hell (2015) short film review

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A man’s infidelity leads him to commit an awful crime in the short thriller Burn in Hell. We review the Jarno Lee Vinsencius short film right here on Screen Critix.

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It may come as no surprise to our regular readers when I state that Swedish director Jarno Lee Vinsencius is fast becoming on of our favourite up-and-coming filmmakers in the world today and his regular collaborations with actor Demis Tzivis are nothing short of top quality work. We have had the pleasure of review Darkness Falls and (more recently) The Madame in Black, with both garnering high scores for their excellent production values.

Now we have Burn in Hell, which is Vinsencius’ shortest film (that we have reviewed) to date, coming in just over five minutes in length. It’s quick, punchy and utterly memorable, never looking to overstay its welcome. There is no filler here at all, just a quick introduction to the characters which leads into the main topic – why adultery is wrong and why cheating on a psychopath is worse.

The film opens with a man called Daniel (Demis Tzivis) dragging a wrapped up body through what looks like some moors, away from civilization. He then begins to dig before we get to see some flashbacks of events leading up to the burial. Daniel meets Alicia (Elin Sjostedt) when they accidentally bump into each other which results in Alicia spilling the contents of her handbag over the floor. They soon hit it off and begin dating. Then, when doing the cleaning, Alicia finds a woman’s telephone number in Daniel’s jeans and it becomes clear he has done the dirty behind her back.Burn in Hell Poster Burn in Hell (2015) short film review

Alicia soon confronts Daniel over dinner and though he tries to deny anything, he soon admits to his wrong doings. Alicia then tells him that they need to sort this problem out – but we know it doesn’t mean just breaking up with his lover.

I’ve said it before, but I will say it again, Jarno Lee Vinsencius’ films all look stunning and Burn in Hell follows that trend. In fact, I knew it was going to be another gorgeous looking film right from the opening image. The framing, lighting and lensing are all spot on. Whilst many films can look good, not all productions make sure the audio is on par with the visuals, but the score and audio work on Burn in Hell is spot on.

Both Demis Tzivis and Elin Sjostedt are excellent. Demis is convincing as a cheating man forced to do the beckoning of his other half, whilst Sjostedt plays the sweet on the outside, nutty in the middle Alicia to great effect.


I highly recommend this film to all, especially to those would-be cheaters out there, it may make you think twice.

4.5 / 5 stars     

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