Bleach series 12 part 2 review [DVD]

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Our Bleach series 12 part 2 review, check out what Derek Storm thought of the “Zanpakuto The Alternate’ arc.

bleach kenpachi Bleach series 12 part 2 review [DVD]

Bleach Episode 242 to 253′s plot focus’ on a set of events in which the Soul Reaper’s swords, known as Zanpakutō, assume human forms and declare war against their wielders; led by a mysterious man named Muramasa. Who himself is a Zanpakutō in search of his master.

Episode 242 continues on the attack on Soul Society, the Soul Reapers Zanpakutos are running wild having a blast beating on their former owners, well most of them… in my opinion this arc was the worst of all the arc’s in Bleach, the arc has the right idea but just doesn’t seem to nail it down, although some of the battles between the Soul Reaper’s and their Swords are entertaining and watching Kenpachi being his normal destructive self is always a pleasure. You will still, however, find it hard to keep invested in this story as it just doesn’t pull you in.

What’s sad about Bleach is that once you take away the fillers* it’s an amazing show, and one that I’ve watched for a significant chunk of time. I’m invested in the brand, if honest, and even read the Manga. This is a regular problem in the entire industry, unfortunately, and the main culprits are Bleach, Naruto, and One Piece. These giant franchises are not willing to pause, usually, when money can be made. I will however note, Bleach has recently stopped in order to allow the Manga to finish. The final arc of Bleach will be filler free, hopefully, and should be fucking awesome.

*Episodes that deviate from the original Manga storyline. Usually because the Anime is catching up with the current Manga volume.

Overall thoughts:

Only buy this if you are a collector, or a die hard fan.

This DVD is available for pre-order on Manga UK.

2 / 5 stars     

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