Batman vs. Superman moved to May 2016

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Batman vs. Superman has been put back nine months and will now be released in May 2016, thus setting up a showdown with Marvel.

Batman vs. Superman, Man of Steel 2 – whatever you want to call the upcoming movie – will now be released in 2016. The film’s original date of July 17th 2015 will now be filled by Peter Pan, which will see Hugh Jackman as the villainous Blackbeard. batman vs. superman 686x1024 Batman vs. Superman moved to May 2016

With Batman vs. Superman moving to May 6th 2016, DC will now take on Marvel, seeing as Marvel has released a movie in May every year since 2006. It is as yet unknown what film will be coming out from Marvel, but our money would be on Doctor Strange.

Batman vs. Superman is sounding more like a Justice League film as every rumour passes. The movie stars Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Amy Adams, Lawrence Fishbourne, Gal Gadot and more actors are said to be heading to the production.

Is this a wise move to put the movie back? Can they defeat Marvel in May 2016? What film from Marvel will fill that spot too?

All will be revealed soon.

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