Almost Human episode 5 review

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When a key witness in a murder trial is murdered in cold blood, Kennix and Dorian have to find those responsible and make sure the accused is found guilty of his crimes. Almost Human episode 5 review after the jump.

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May contain spoilers.

Ethan Avery is in court over the murder of a doctor in a car park. A witness, who is stored away in a safe house for protection, is beaming her testimony into the court live via some futuristic tech when suddenly she is killed by an assassin. Another witness, Maya manages to escape just in time and is picked up by the police and taken to the station.

We would like to see the guys get their hands dirty with a good story arc that lasts longer than 40 minutes.

Maya also just so happens to be a psychic in touch with the dead, thanks to some operation she participated in to help increase the usage of brains by humans. She also likes to dress a little extravagant – think Cyndi Lauper in the 80’s – just to drive home the fact that she isn’t all there.

Almost Human episode 5 ‘Blood Brothers’ has a couple of twists in that the murder Avery has actually cloned himself, with the clones trying to clear things up and kill witnesses in order to see him released. almost human dorian 300x199 Almost Human episode 5 review

Where Rudy got a chance to shine in the last episode, this time we get a bit of focus on both Captain Maldonado (Lili Tayler) and Detective Stahl (Minka Kelly). The latter of which gets kidnapped by the group of clones.

Obviously everything works out in the end and it was nice to see the chemistry between Karl Urban’s Fennix and Kelly’s Stahl becoming stronger.

Almost Human episode 5 also builds on the humour, especially between the two main characters. The first few moments see the two talking about the sexual organs on synthetics – the MX units looking like Ken dolls, whilst Dorian has been gifted with a rather large package.

Overall Thoughts:

Another decent episode from Almost Human. Blood Brothers is a good one-episode story, but we would like to see the guys get their hands dirty with a good story arc that lasts longer than 40 minutes.

3.5 / 5 stars     

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