Almost Human episode 4 review

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A new drug is circulating the streets in Almost Human, and when a cop turns up dead, it’s down to Kennix and Dorian to bring in the culprits.

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We start the episode with a man and his “cook” meeting with some dodgy types in order of getting a job with an infamous crime lord called Bishop. All looks like it is going well until the criminals shoot the cook and then uncover and under-the-skin wire on the man.  They then execute him.

Kennix finds out that the man in question is none other than a cop and his friend from tears earlier. It seems that he had gotten closer to Bishop than the police had ever done before and Kennix really wants to get revenge and take him down for good.

In order to do so, they need to go undercover, but not any police officer can do so – they need someone who is a scientist and can actually concoct the new drug “The Bends”. almost human rudy 682x1024 Almost Human episode 4 review

Enter the wizard with synthetics – Rudy (Mackenzie Crook). With a little work on his backstory and practising the art of drug making, Rudy is all set to help.

Almost Human episode 4 is like a futuristic version of a Breaking Bad episode, what with all the cooks and fedoras.  We also get to see more of the humour between Kennix and Dorian as their bond becomes stronger. Both take advantage of winding the other up at every opportunity.

The effects in Almost Human are very good and it’s great to see their idea of how technology will be in the near future.

Overall Thoughts:

Another great instalment in our new favourite sci-fi show. Almost Human episode 4 does a great job at helping us get to know more about these characters. Mackenzie Crook does an excellent job as Rudy as well.

4 / 5 stars     

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