Alex Pettyfer to play gay action hero

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Finally. Seriously, this might just be what the action hero genre needs. The stereotype that gay people aren’t strong or whatever idiots are saying this week is getting old.

alex pettyfer 196x300 Alex Pettyfer to play gay action heroOne of the most heartbreaking films I’ve ever watched is Brokeback Mountain. A lot can be done with this theme. The struggles of coming out as gay, the idiots they have to deal with and more provides for emotional storytelling. All while looking fabulous(stereotype alert)!

According to, the project is described by director Lee Daniels as Mr and Mrs Smith ‘but [with] the two good-looking guys as the action heroes.’.

The director also revealed to Out that he is looking for a black actor to star with Pettyfer in the film, and that the audience won’t know the two stars are gay until the end of the film. So, he basically just ruined the end of the film?

The article also claims that Pettyfer has auditioned for an unnamed character in Star Wars Episode VII.

This isn’t the first teaming between Daniels and Pettyfer. The duo worked alongside each other on Daniels latest film The Butler.

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