A Thing of Dreams (2019) short film review

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A young and seemingly happy couple have their lives changed whilst undertaking a new prescription drug that controls the content of their dreams in the new short film a Thing of Dreams.

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Dreams and nightmares have always had an aura of mystery surrounding them. Where do they come from? Why do we have them? Studies have been conducted for years and it’s easy to see why they fascinate. Dreams have also been the topic of many a movie, with Wes Craven’s infamous A Nightmare on Elm Street and Christopher Nolan’s Inception arguably being the most successful to date.

Now, directors K. Spencer Jones and Jake Wilkens have provided a new story revolving around the subject of dreams with their new short film A Thing of Dreams.

John and Mallory (played by Marcus Coloma and Stephanie Scholz respectively) are a young couple who are regularly taking a newly prescribed drug that helps influence their dreams. Whilst John is now dreaming of being successful and winning awards, Mallory is taking “sexuals” which induces erotic-themed dreams. When Mallory admits that her sex-fuelled fantasies don’t include John, he is angry, upset and demands his partner to come off the drug and “reset” by taking a nightmare pill, otherwise she will “echo” due to being on the same pill for so long. Whilst there are no explanations for an “echo”, it isn’t really needed as it doesn’t sound good.

Mallory feels that John’s demands are unfair and unwarranted and denies the request. She then takes two of her pills and retreats to bed, but she soon finds her dreams have been invaded by shadowy people, watching and stalking her every move.

Both of the main actors do very well and show chemistry. Coloma pulls off the jealous husband and Scholz is excellent as the woman who feels she is doing no wrong, after all, she isn’t actually cheating if it’s all in a dream.A Thing of Dreams Poster 29Jun2018 202x300 A Thing of Dreams (2019) short film review

As well as serving as co-director, Wilkens is also credited as the writer of A Thing of Dreams and with it, he has certainly created a very cool concept that could work extremely well as a feature. Where did these pills originate from? Why were they legalised, especially if there are side effects? From the black market to the different types of dreams and the potency of the drugs; there are thousands of potential stories to be told.

I believe that Wilkens and K. Spencer Jones are onto something, and A Thing of Dreams works well as both a stand-alone short film or even a concept for a much bigger story.

4 / 5 stars     

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