A new FRIDAY THE 13TH is coming in 2015

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Jason Voorhees is ready to stalk and butcher the teenagers who visit Camp Crystal Lake again, as Friday the 13th gets a 2015 release date.

Thought we may have seen the last or even enough of Jason Voorhees? Think again, as Paramount have announced that Friday the 13th will get a release on March 13th 2015 – which is a Friday. jason voorhees A new FRIDAY THE 13TH is coming in 2015

Paramount acquired the rights to both Friday the 13th and South Park earlier this year in a deal with Warner Bros. for a share of Christopher Nolan’s upcoming Interstellar. Paramount did own the rights in the 80’s but sold them to New Line after the release of Friday the 13th VIII: Jason takes Manhattan.

The 1980 slasher flick has gained a cult following, and was given a reboot in 2009. It is, as yet, unknown if the new movie will be a sequel to the reboot or another new reboot to start off a new series.

Either way, the hockey mask and machete will be making a return, so expect screaming teenagers as they are chased through the woods before ultimately meeting their demise.

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